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    Professional conduct guidelines

    The following professional conduct guidelines are provided to encourage the highest standards of conduct among the membership of RMGCSA. These guidelines are a companion document to the GCSAA Code of Ethics. While the professional conduct guidelines may not be enforced with membership sanctions, these guidelines should nonetheless be promoted, practiced and encouraged by RMGCSA members. Non-compliance of these guidelines should be noted, publicized and self-policied by fellow RMGCSA members, officials and affiliated chapters to discourage future instances of such non-compliance. In assessing one's actions, all superintendents should ask the question, "Would my actions meet with the approval of other superintendents?"

    1. A member should always contact a fellow superintendent prior to visiting his/her course, regardless of the reason for the visit.

    2. Applications for employment should only be sent to an employer if the applicant has contacted the current superintendent to determine whether the position is available, or if the applicant is responding to an Employment Referral Service announcement.

    3. A member should only accept an interview for a job currently held by a fellow superintendent if the applicant has contacted the current superintendent to verify the position is open, or of the applicant has learned about the opening in an Employment Referral Service announcement.

    4. Members should always adhere to the complimentary golf policies of other golf courses and always give as much advance notice as possible when seeking play privileges at a fellow superintendent's golf facility.

    5. Members should only accept a consulting assignment at a golf facility if the current superintendent at that facility is aware of such impending consulting activity.

    6. Consulting recommendations for a facility should be made in the presence of the current superintendent or written recommendations should be carbon copied to the current superintendent.

    7. Members should always conduct themselves in the highest professional manner at all golf-related events and other public events where the member is representing the golf course superintendent profession.

    8. A member should not render negative opinions or comments about fellow members.

    Members are encouraged to remind fellow superintendents about these courtesies through phone calls, electronic messages and letters. Peer reinforcement of these standards is encouraged.