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    Welcome to RMGCSA 

    Colorado Golf Coalition

    2020 Legacy scholarship award winners:

    Audrey Richard

    "Dear RMGCSA Board of Directors,    
    I would first like to thank you so much for awarding me the 2020 Legacy Scholarship Award,  your generosity is sincerely appreciated! This scholarship will make a significant difference in  covering my book fees and contributing toward my tuition in the upcoming semester.
    My name is Audrey Richard and I am entering my sophomore year at Colorado School of Mines.  I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering, and  also competing as a student athlete on the Mines varsity volleyball team.
    My passion for math and science began when I was young, which then bloomed into a passion  for innovation and creating new things. I have always especially loved biology and learning  about complex living systems. Mines provides me with resources to further my education in  these areas, and has provided me with inspiration for a career path. One of the associate  professors in the mechanical engineering department has done extensive research in  Biomechanical and Biomedical Engineering, which has introduced me to the world of adaptive  sports prosthetics.
    I have seen firsthand how frustrating it is when a medical event impacts a person’s physical  abilities, deteriorating their passion for a sport they once loved. This is the reason why I plan to  pursue a degree in adaptive sports prosthetic design. By designing equipment so that those with  physical disabilities can still participate in activities that once gave them joy, I feel as though I  can have a genuine positive impact on the community.
    Thank you again to the RMGCSA for helping me further my education and ultimately reach my  career goals."  

    Evan McCleary

    "My name is Evan McCleary and I am going to be a senior at Kansas State University. I am majoring in Human Resource Management and Financial Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. At Kansas State, I am involved in Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, an ambassador for the Staley School of Leadership, and Homecoming Committee. After college, I am planning on getting a job in either of my majors and working abroad. Sometime after college, I would also like to start my own non-profit.
    I first off would like to start off by saying thank you for providing financial support during my college experience. This scholarship has given me opportunities to take classes and to obtain important knowledge for the future. The constant support during my time at Kansas State is something I really appreciate and will remember for the rest of my life.
    This year, the scholarship will pay for additional classes in both of my majors and allow me to graduate with both degrees. Thank you again for the financial support, I appreciate it more than you will ever know."


    GCSAA knows your lives and businesses are being affected by the global COVID-19 Pandemic. While there is no lack of general information about the virus and its widespread impact, we wanted to provide you with resources specific to golf and business operations to assist you in this challenging time. Plus, keep up with GCSAA's latest updates concerning the pandemic. 

    For more resources please click here

    Colorado Coalition Action Alert


    SB 189 (Local Government Pesticide No Preemption) would disrupt Colorado's statewide regulation of pesticides, leading to a haphazard patchwork of hyper-local rules that could negatively impact public health and safety, agricultural food production, green spaces, and businesses. 

    Click here for a Fact Sheet on SB 189

    Take just a few minutes now to speak up and ask our elected officials to vote NO on SB 189. See here for two minute and five minute action alert options.

    Read more on SB 189 here!

    Thank you for speaking up for common-sense pesticide policy in Colorado!


    rmgcsa Releases Colorado Golf Best Management Practices Guide

    This guide promotes environmental stewardship, golf course playability, and the overall health of the Colorado golf industry through comprehensive BMPs covering 12 key areas.

    Click here to view and download the Guide.

    Press Release

    New Reports on RMEGI-funded turfgrass research

    New research reports on relative drought resistance of various turfgrass cultivars and the effects of effluent water irrigation on turfgrass are now available on the RMEGI website.

    Click here to read more.


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